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Public Participation

The Wildlands League responds to postings and submits requests under the Environmental Bill of Rights; and we submit Freedom of Information requests as part of our ongoing work. This section provide you with public information accessed and requested by Wildlands League through legal means.  Check back for regular updates.


Freedom of Information

Ontario's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act gives everyone the right to request access to government-held information. The Act gives everyone a general right of access to general records held by government organizations. The information may be recorded in print form, on fillm, by electronic means or otherwise and it includes things like photographs and maps.

The total length of all roads in Algonquin Park

Environmental Bill of Rights

In Ontario, the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) gives Ontario citizens specific rights with regards to legislation affecting the environment.  Among those is the right to comment on environmentally significant ministry proposals, to ask a ministry to review a law or policy,to ask a ministry to investigate alleged harm to the environment, to appeal certain ministry decisions and to take court action to prevent environmental harm.

Request for Review Allocation of Crown Timber Resources

Need for Comprehensive Environmental Assessment of Mining Projects

Need for Comprehensive Public Review of Logging in Algonquin Park

Review of Ministry of Natural Resources Draft Guidelines for the conservation of woodland caribou

Application for Review, Algonquin Forestry Authority Association 

The Need for Northern Boreal Comprehensive Land-Use Strategy

Government Responses:

Wildlands League

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